People are calling it a bigger threat to the global village than world war III and it is climate change, climate change, climate change. But it’s easy to get lost in this story. World leaders do meetings to talk about the climate crisis and how to slow it down, under pressure from millions of people worldwide who call for concrete actions. The empty promises and the inaction are the same. The levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere spiked over the years during the industrial revolution.


Scientists say there’s a 95 percent chance that human activity is causing climate change by burning fossil fuels like oil and coal to power homes, cars, airplanes, and factories which release CO2.

                       The global population has tripled in the past 70 years. So, all those gases are in the air, and when the sunlight gets into the earth’s atmosphere, some of the heat gets trapped by the greenhouse gases, and the planet gets warmer. The concern is not only that the earth is becoming warmer. It’s actually the warmest temperature on Earth since the last ice age 10 thousand years ago.


The United Nations says that our world is about 1 degree hotter than in pre-industrial times. That’s around the year 1800. Which is okay. In fact, the United Nations says if we warm by 1.5 degrees before the end of the century we should be fine even 2 degrees is also alright. But again, the problem is speed, because we hit 1.5 degrees in only ten years. And If we don’t slow that warming down, it could mean catastrophe within the global village. We’re already getting a taste. Climate change is here. Climate change is happening. Europe is currently colder than the Arctic.


Due to the rise in temperature sea level rise up to 3 millimeters because sea water expands on getting warm. Due to the rise in temperature glaciers are melting and adding trillions of tons of water into oceans. The way temperature increases affect the coastal areas badly and can become under the water during some decades like Miami and Island Nations also could be completely disappeared. Natural disasters happen more and more intensely, and more frequently with devastating consequences. The dramatic impacts of droughts in different parts of the world, all of this is creating a situation that is a real threat to humankind of the global village. And we are not doing enough. If 99 percent of doctors said to you, take this medicine, or you will get really sick and probably die, you would take it, who wouldn’t take it? We have plans instead of medicine to slow all this down.


In 2016 1st universal agreement on climate change “Paris Agreement” took place and the targets set for 2050 were to become carbon neutral and decrease the temperature rise below two degrees and help poor Nations for reduction of greenhouse gases. But here’s the thing Several years after the agreement, global CO2 levels are still going up. CO2 emissions have been going up as compared to the last year.


Burning of fossil fuels generates greenhouse gases which are Carbon dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous oxide. Forests are minimized and lands are filled with concrete and garbage. A land filled with garbage and animals fossil is a major source of methane emission. Developing countries are at risk due to their weak economic structures. United States of America’s defense department high light climate change as a great threat to the National security of sovereign States. Temperature is rising faster than expected and causing Floods, Storms, and rising Sea levels. Agricultural economies are hurting badly by climate change. Unseasonal rains hurt badly to the crops which lead to food security issues. Interconnected countries hurt by climate change introduce climate refugees in the future. Mass migration affects the Global world and every country tries to protect itself instead of its neighbors which leads to discrimination and anarchy. World leaders have to be serious and look into the matter above the local/ regional politics to create awareness among the people to contribute their part in this global issue. Governments have to cooperate with the United Nations to cope with the climate change threat which is more lethal than the World Wars.

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