World islands are located in the waters of the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai, project began 20 years ago. In 2003 Sheikh Muhammad announced the project by starting construction. World’s Elite was eager to get included in the project of Global VillageWorld islands. More than sixty percent of the islands were sold till 2008. The project comprises 300 manmade islands, and when viewed from space looks like the image of the World map. The World archipelago is made up of seven sets of islands. That represents the continents of Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Each island is named after a country landmark or a region like Australia, Buenos Aires, California, France, Mount Everest, New Mexico, Saint Petersburg, India, New York City, and others. Anantara islands play a vital role, in the development of the world islands project, in the south American region of islands.

  Resorts have accommodations, suites, beach villas, pool villas, Thailand-inspired spas, open-air cinemas, floating lounge dining options, restaurants, bars, and much more spread across the Anantara world island. Anantara provides an unrivaled sense of seclusion and privacy with views. Here is another exciting island, the Heart of Europe. It`s a small number of islands in the world islands. Some areas create rain and snow to replicate to the extent the weather conditions of the continent of Europe. The project Heart of Europe has a series of luxury hotels, private mansions, boutiques, cafes, and bars, the first underwater hotel, a dedicated wedding hotel, the first floating, and underwater living experience, and floating villas. All are designed to transport guests to different European destinations like Monaco, Venice, swede, Germany, and others. When we go to our destination, we travel through different countries’ islands in a few minutes like Emirates, Oman, Africa, Romania Italy, and finally France, the Heart of Europe. They welcome you at the entrance, with a cold towel and fresh coconut. Here you find French people, French culture, hotels, and French foods, feel like you are in France instead of Dubai. The Heart of Europe has the Portofino Hotel. Which is the world’s first five-star hotel where only families can get an entry, who have kids. There are four more Five-star hotels with the world’s biggest swimming pools. The Heart of Europe has a seven-star hotel that competes with Burj Al-Arab. That’s only for the Royal Families and their wedding functions. The Heart of Europe has a site under development for 100 floating villas called Venice. There is a rainy street. To keep the certain temperature of the street nearly to 25 to 27 degrees making it artificial rain outside every 30 minutes. Switzerland, not a hotel will be small chalets that will make snowfall outside. German island has 32 Villas. 17 Villas have an inside controlled temperature swimming pool and Crystal Lagoon. The other 15 villas have an outside swimming pool and private beach. Sweden Island has snowing rooms, you can go up and have 360 views of all the islands. Sweden roofs are upside-down boats to resemble the Vikings. There is a Flipboard inspired by Vikings. So, the Palaces are inspired by Vikings. Heart Island is also called Honeymoon Island or Saint Petersburg. There is a lot of fun and party around 24 hours per seven days here and on the main island as well. Seahorses are the first on the water leaf, in the world. Its first living bedrooms are under the water. 120 seahorses linked to the Honeymoon islands like Maldives style and a total are 133. Lebanon Island is located in Dubai‘s iconic World Islands. The Island welcomed the tourists with a choice of two beaches, along with a swimming pool, onsite Beach Volleyball court, and Dubai’s hottest dining hotspot. They welcome tourists with a lemon drink and show lounges like to base themselves for the day. The project faced delays in work and lots of challenges like financial, non-payment of debt, economic crisis, and real estate market crash. It also faced legal problems, irreparable environmental impacts, and rumors about the sinking of islands due to the rise in sea level, rumors were rejected by the concerned authorities. The project was hurt very badly by Covid-19 when the whole world went into lockdown and property prices fell rapidly.

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