The biggest football tournament in the world is “FIFA World Cup”. which was hosted by Qatar. The leadership of Qatar’s ambition started with an idea and a dream, when In March 2009, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Chairman of the Qatar Bid committee decided to bid for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Besides Qatar well-established sporting countries also submitted the bid either jointly like Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands or individually, such as Russia, the United States, Mexico, England, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, and China to Joseph S. Blatter, the President of FIFA. Finally, On Thursday, 2 December 2010, at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, after a strong competition between Qatar and the United States, it was announced that Qatar won the right to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Qatar is a desert peninsula in the Gulf. It’s got only one land border with Saudi Arabia Dubai and Iran are also nearby they’re just across the water. Qatar is a tiny country, with two hours of drive roughly estimated from top to bottom. Nearly 3 million people live here but only 380 000 are Qatari Nationals, the remaining people come from all over the world for work and jobs. If we go back around 100 years Qatar’s biggest industry was Pearl diving, but in the 1930s they struck oil, and then in the 70s they discovered Natural Gas. Qatar owns the World’s third-biggest gas reserves. The wealth from Oil & Gas used to transform the country. There is a huge difference between 40 years ago and now today in Qatar. The Qatari government has succeeded actually in establishing itself on the world map and now on the political front. Qatar is not a democracy like its neighbors in the Gulf. It’s a monarchy and the Emir essentially runs the government. Right now, that’s His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, but it was his father the previous Emir who kick-started Qatar’s super-fast growth and came with a new vision and Mission in his mind. He wanted to develop the country in education, Healthcare, media, culture, and sports.


The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy was established by the State of Qatar for hosting the FIFA World Cup as an independent entity and its budget was incorporated into the state’s general budget. Supreme Committee Headquarters was established in Doha, to oversee delivering the first FIFA World Cup in Arab World. At the top of the agenda was to set an overarching strategy for delivery and subsequently implement policies to support it, including legal, organizational, social, economic, and architectural policies which ensured the success of the tournament. Supreme Committee clearly defines the frameworks for all events and activities and makes sure their implementation in true letter and spirit, which made the mega event successful.


Qatar prepared itself for 12 years for the perfect hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. More than one million football fans traveled to this tiny Gulf Nation. Qatar built so much new stuff for the mega event like state of the art new seven stadiums a new airport more than a hundred hotels new highways and a new Metro, the total bill was more than 200 billion dollars. It was the most expensive World Cup ever by a long way. We saw an international City emerge out of the desert. By the inauguration of Hamad International Airport in May 2014 the question of transport and travel for the tournament had been answered. The airport was equipped to meet the expected more than 70 million passengers annually. It was the most strategic project for hosting of FIFA World Cup. This state-of-the-art Airport also won several international awards for World’s Best Airport. Since winning the bid, Qatar has spent billions of dollars to prepare the country, has built New Roads and infrastructure, a new airport, and a new Metro System linking new stadiums some of them modern and innovative others inspired by the Region’s history and traditions.


Qatar is a welcoming and hospitable country and there was nothing that fans faced trouble with during the whole World Cup. Qatar’s also positioned itself as an important political player, for example by mediating between groups fighting in countries like Sudan and Afghanistan. Qatar played a major role in international issues like Taliban peace talks with the United States, also a peace agreement was signed on 29 Feb 2020 in Doha Qatar, between the Taliban and the United States of America.  The way, like Qatar, hosted the world cup is admirable. The giants of the Global World oppose the hosting, create issues, false propaganda, and baseless criticize the event hosting all the way. Qatar proved itself that it deserves to host such kind of mega-events. Qatar is trying to solidify a kind of reputation on the international stage, and wants to be a big Global player and also proved, that it deserved it, by wonderful hosting a mega event like the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


I love the vibes people have just been incredible, never known warms like it anywhere in the world. This is a YouTuber on the streets of Doha, describing what he saw, from Tick Tock to Twitter, and Snapchat to Instagram, social media influences with millions of followers from all over the world. But if someone was reading newspapers and watching TV in the Western Hemisphere the expectation was quite the opposite. The campaign was at its peak relentlessly for years, overall migrant deaths were attributed to Qatar’s World Cup to discredit the credibility of Qatar. Some Newspapers continuously called the International Event a moral debacle. Europe there was a chorus of boycotting Qatar through news media and some depicted Qatar its people and its players as orientalist and Islamophobic troops. A study showed that more than 66 negative articles were presented in mainstream media since Qatar was awarded the World Cup hosting. FIFA president called it hypocrisy. I think for, what we Europeans have been doing in the last 3000 years the world we should be apologizing for the next 3000 years before starting to give moral lessons to people. Western hypocritical media reporting was bigoted, and boorish before, and during the prestigious event of the Global Village.


Argentina played tremendously throughout the matches and finally won the world cup by

           defeating France in a penalty shootout 4-2 in the world cup final, but the true winner of the World cup is in the true sense, nonother than QATAR. A tiny place on the map of the Global World, the organizers of that place performed in a way, that the whole world got shocked and amazed. The whole Global Village witnessed the way Qatar creates history. So, I think as a viewer it was really very exciting to see a wonderful conclusion to the World Cup. All the unbiased journalists covering the tournament and expressing their thoughts found that in fact, that was the most compact World Cup in history. It was also a World Cup that face a lot of criticism, especially over human rights issues, the treatment of the migrant workers who built everything, the treatment of women migrant workers, and the LGBTQ plus Community. I do believe a lot of the criticism was unjust. I feel like people have used that to discredit the reputation of Qatar. Qatar acknowledges imperfections and says they have changed laws and will continue to make improvements but they also believe coverage of Mega sporting events in the global South always tends to be negative there are three reasons one is racism second is hate and third is orientalism. Despite that kind of high-level propaganda, there was a real kind of determination from Qatar to prove the world wrong and it also exhibited practically.



                                                                                      H A T S    O F F   T O    Q A T A R

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