Leaders of the developed countries cut their own people’s money and help the poor, deprived Countries to bring them out of the poverty line. But on the other hand, they welcome and facilitate the corrupt Bureaucrats and Politicians of poor countries. These corrupt elements live a luxurious life in these developed countries, in front of those who give aid and proposed loans. They tolerate it, to make them puppets, for the sake of their interests in regional politics or the return of money back to their economy. They own Million Dollars properties and assets in developed countries. Whenever they leave public office in poor countries they shift to these countries in the name of political victimization or medical treatment and live luxurious life till the next phase. There are examples of politicians who have been convicted by courts. But they are still enjoying their luxurious lives in the developed world. whenever honest leadership comes into power in poor countries and tried to bring back the culprits and laundered money. They have to face another setback in terms of the laws of the respective countries and the cost of legal firms. No one cares why these elites are allowed, there are no rules and regulations for them, not even morality. It means clearly, that the developed countries’ rulers are also, indirectly involved and playing with the welfare emotions of their own people. Whenever they are asked about them they present excuses for laws. But, I say who has to legislate these loopholes in the laws where these perpetrators get beneficiaries of it?  When offenders are in front of you and you are also sure about their wrong means of earning, why not take action or do legislation to fulfill such flaws?


Do you think that the ultimate loss was born by the leaders of countries? No, not at all, because both countries’ leadership enjoyed it, one enjoys politics and the other enjoys a luxurious life. The ultimate loss was born by the people of both countries. The people of both developed as well as poor countries pay the price. We heard and saw a lot of announcements of the aid of billions & trillions of dollars, for the poor countries of the Global Village throughout our lives. But the numbers are increasing for the people living below the poverty line. Despite an increase in the world’s population, one of the big reasons is corruption and money laundering of Bureaucrats and Politicians. We are living in the Global Village and to save it we have to unite despite of which language we speak, color, religion, and country we belong. All people are suffering and paying the price whether from a developed or poor country, except corrupt elites, Bureaucrats, Politicians, and dishonest leaders. The Angels of the poor people (Aiders) of the developed countries must rise up and hold accountable their leaders, how someone enjoying a luxurious life in front of them by robbing the poor countries. People in poor countries are very grateful for your generous and sincere efforts. But they also requested for little bit more effort to discourage such corrupt leaders. So that, the noble purpose of eliminating poverty from the Global Village can be fulfilled in true letter and spirit.


There are many traditional and corporate Tax Havens in the world such as Panama, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, and others. In the second quarter of 2016, more than 11 million documents were leaked as known Panama Papers. The whole world got shocked to know about the detail of the Panama Papers. There was a law firm Mossack Fonseca, which specialized in avoiding tax and hiding the Black Money of the power full people of the global world. They create shell companies that were just on paper and had no production, no employee, and no business. Even most of the companies weren`t have an office, address, or contact number, and sometimes the owner’s name was kept hidden or anonymous. These companies perform as a front for them for legal or illegal purposes. Illegal like someone having millions of dollars and he has zero assets or business. These shell companies were used, to do business deal on behalf of other companies. For those who were not present publicly or don’t want to disclose their identity, that’s we can say unethical rather than illegal. But these companies were used for Money Laundering and illegal activities. They don’t track the owner and their source of income. If anybody wants to launder his money, He wires it into a shell company account and gets claims it back, as business income by paying nominal tax rates. That money also can be used for terror financing as the Global Village already suffered through a huge wave of terror. Some companies send a big part of their profit into shell companies as investments, instead of showing it as profit because only profitable income can be taxed. So, companies were able to keep money tax-free in foreign accounts. It`s roughly estimated that more than two Trillion Dollars lie in these accounts of offshore companies. All the money is belonging to well-renowned companies, Dictators, so-called World Leaders, Bureaucrats, and Politicians. These companies are operating in Panama as per the laws of the country. The big offenders are the Politicians and Bureaucrats of the developing countries. They enjoy public office powers and exercise corrupt practices. They rob the National Aid money received from Global World for the betterment of the poor people by manipulation. They demand commissions from foreign investors to do business or for welfare work in the country. They receive kickbacks for approving National mega projects, and for contracts at high rates from foreign companies.



The United Nations must have to play a strong role to bring mutual cooperation among countries regarding Money Laundering laws. They have to take strict measures and keep a close eye, especially on developing countries’ Leaders, Bureaucrats, and Politicians to eliminate corruption and Money Laundering, and the true benefits of their efforts for the poor can be achieved. we have to make sure that our leaders should be accountable for their actions, personal assets, incomes, luxury traveling, and luxurious living lifestyles. Even their relative’s and friends’ anonymous sources of income also must be tracked, if abnormalities are found in their accounts or livings. we can ignore individual companies as they affect only a small part of the sector but corrupt Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Leaders cannot be tolerated as they destroy the future of the Nation. We cannot allow a handful of people to rob the future of our children. We look towards Angels and requested them instead of fulfilling our responsibilities, but we have to empower ourselves to cop these corrupt elements.




                                               GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES

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