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Billion Dollar Idea Changed Social Life of Global Village

The best friend sued for six hundred million dollars. The classmates claim ownership of the idea which was finally settled by 65 million dollars to claimers. What a brilliant idea that was, the net worth of Facebook is more than 320 billion dollars. You have to pay the price when you succeed, if you failed nobody cares. The identical twins Tyler and Cameron and their friend Divya Narendra received 65 million dollars from Mark Zuckerberg through a court settlement and surrendered the ownership claim of the idea. They sued Zuckerberg in 2004 saying that they hired him to help with computer programing for their social networking site before launching Facebook. But Zuckerberg steals their idea in the business plan and launches it as his own. His best friend sued and settled on undisclosed terms with his status as Co-founder of Facebook. The other terms of the settlement were not ever revealed.

Mark Zuckerberg was a tech genius and a world-class innovator. Before his teenage years, he developed tech software. He learned Atari basic programming and created his own messaging program Zucknet. Which was used by his father in his dental practice. When his patients arrived, the receptionist informed him through the computer’s Zucknet program, and they also started using it for home life. His parents provide all the resources and encouragement for his unique and natural talent. During Schooling life, he developed games and programs. He created the music software Pandora’s early version and named it the synapse. Microsoft was interested in buying it and also tried to hire but he rejected the job offer and continued studying at Harvard University for higher study. At Harvard University he was known as a software developer, for building Course Match which helps students to choose classes on course selection, and also created the controversial Face Mash which was shut down by the University. His classmates Cameron, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra wanted to create a social networking site essentially for dating the Harvard elite, discussed this with Mark, and asked for help. Although he didn’t stay on the project and he was already working on that sort of program, researching things and his mind was able to observe and trigger from tiny things. He devoted himself to working for change and the betterment of society instead of money chase. He worked day and night and transformed his ideas into reality. His classmates didn’t do anything except enjoy their campus routine life. Their level of thinking was as if they were trying to help him improve his campus image. Basically, they were jealous and money chasers, and that’s why they claimed millions of dollars. The human mind is a gift of God and must use for the betterment of mankind in the Global village. It’s our choice to remain jealous or come forward and put our contribution for betterment. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has funded millions of dollars for solutions to climate change and also working with United Nations to bring internet connectivity to refugee camps. Internet access to everyone in the Global Village is his biggest priority. We can examine the level of Facebook by its user and their followers. Former President of The United States of America Barack Obama has 55 million and Cristiano Ronaldo has 160 million followers on Facebook. During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerburg expressed his thoughts


Entrepreneurship is about creating change rather than creating companies. There are examples of influential entrepreneurs who cared deeply but even often couldn’t start just because they were trying to create a company. When I was starting at one university tried to bring the community together and didn’t think about the company, but as matter of fact was convinced someone will build like that for the World that would be some other company. There were already thousands of engineers and companies which were used to building stuff for the whole world. So, I think you keep building long-lasting things for the world. Because they care about the fundamentals, it’s about the change they are trying to bring to the world. People say we are investing billions in internet connectivity and places where we don’t get paid back for it. It’s not for making money, it’s about believing that you are trying to bring change to the world to connect people. It’s a guiding principle that if you help people or do good, you will receive back some share of that good and you don’t know upfront what and from where it’s going to be. For me, there’s hope in some of the work, which plays a role to empower you and entrepreneurs to build the next great companies

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