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Nightmare for China and Global Village

Covid-19 was the Nightmare for china as well as the whole world. All the countries of the global village became a victim of it. The whole world was in a state of shock. Covid-19 destroys all the systems of the sectors of the world. It changed social lives and the beauty of life was living together becomes the curse. Even handshakes were prohibited and if you don’t follow you can be the next victim of death. More than 6.84 million people died and It had a severe impact on the global economy. Initially, the collective GDP of the global world dropped by 3.4 percent. A 3.4 percent drop means more than two trillion US dollars lost in the economic growth of the world.

New Year Celebration 2023

Welcome to 2023. New year was celebrated all over the world. Everyone enjoyed flashing images of celebrations for the 2023 New Year celebrations. All feel relieved after covid and a difficult 2022. Happy New Year and hopefully this year will be better and phenomenal than last year we’ve had.
In the Chinese city of Wuhan, there were smiling crowds too where the pandemic began nearly three years ago, and where covid is back the Chinese authorities say the situation is under control.
China reopening its borders. It was a nightmare for China. They closed their borders to the world for thousand Days. China’s reopening in 2023’s was the biggest economic event. China opens the country for business with the rest of the world his actions will have a profound global impact. Its population had suffered through lockdowns.

Zero Covid Policy

China adopted a zero covid policy for saving lives, and bear all the consequences of the lockdown. Italy, Spain, and France screening passengers on arrival from China for covid-19. These measures will help identify any new variants that emerge. One measure that could take to identify new variants which might occur because a lot of viruses are now circulating in China and other countries possibly. But we have to think of other measures like sequencing these isolates and then we are able to quickly identify new variants and take appropriate measures. Finally, there was relief that China’s zero covid policy is over. That`s very hard to measure the success of a zero covid policy. Because it’s very difficult to account for lives that might have been saved versus the life that has been ruined.
On 23 January 2020, the whole world saw the first coronavirus lockdown in Wuhan, where the pandemic is believed to have started. The world was shocked by the restrictions and rigid enforcement. Wuhan city was sealed off from the rest of the country. It proved to be a highly successful method of tackling the Covid virus. China implemented as decided and shown zero tolerance for any case. If one case was identified the whole protocol was enacted to put it under control, electronic tracking, and controlling of the residence movements through QR codes. It saved millions of lives.
The Chinese government was very attentive to the people’s reactions to their policies. They faced a society, where they clearly said that they were not gonna take any more measures. They received reports on the protests from Beijing. People tried to cut metal chains trying to break free from lockdown in an eastern district of the city. It all started with a fire in rumchi the capital of the province of Xinjiang. They said that the firefighters could not act in time. Because of the physical restrictions. That were in place so several people died. They knew that peoples were so tired of these years of restrictions. And eventually, have to lead the country back to normal times. These measures were also discriminatory. Finally, the policy ended suddenly, and was a moment in which they were going to be able to pick up their lives where they left them three years ago.

World Heath Organization

The World Health Organization is working closely with global experts, governments, and partners. WHO (World Health Organization) has said that hopefully it will be the last year of it, and we will be able to officially declare the end of the covid pandemic. But there is still a danger of new more deadly variants can emerge. nearly 6.7 million people have died of covid-19. WHO expanding scientific knowledge on this new virus, tracking the spread and virulence of the virus, and providing advice to countries and individuals on measures to protect health and prevent the spread of this outbreak. All over the world WHO’s Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan is in action behind the scenes and in all countries across the world on coordination, surveillance, prevention, treatment, and much more.
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. That cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. Vaccinations protect people against severe diseases but effective vaccine access still remains very unequal in many parts of the world. People are learning to live with the virus rather than eliminate it. We have to live with Corona. Because it’s not clear how this will develop. It could be like the flu or like symptoms with a severe case occasionally or it’s just a common code, nobody knows.

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