Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder: Canada vs. India

image of Hardeep Trudeau Modi Hardeep Singh nijar murder

Canada believes India might be involved in a Sikh leader named Hardeep Singh Nijar murder. Canadian Investigation agencies were actively pursuing a link between agents of the government of India and the killing of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijar for a number of weeks and claim to have strong evidence of it.

Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder

45 years old Hardeep Singh Nijar was killed on the 18th of June outside a Sikh temple in British Columbia. It’s puzzling because it happened in broad daylight, and many people were around, but no one saw or heard much. He was a respected community leader and had a family. His strong beliefs and activism made him a significant figure, but also controversial.

Khalistan Movement and Role of Hardeep Singh Nijar

image of Khalistan Vote movement billboard- Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder

The Khalistan movement seeks to establish an independent Sikh homeland called Khalistan. It began in the 1930s, gained momentum in the 1970s-80s, but declined in the 1990s due to crackdowns and internal issues. Hardeep Singh Nijar was a prominent figure in the Khalistan movement. He advocated for an independent Sikh state in India’s Punjab region. His activism and support for Khalistan made him a controversial figure. His killing raised questions about potential foreign involvement in Canada

Trudeau Condemns Killing by Indian Agents

Pic of PM Justin Trudeau addressing Canadians and Parliament about Hardeep Singh Niraj Murder

Prime Minister Trudeau addressed Canadians and Parliament and announced that India may have been responsible for the murder of a Sikh leader in British Columbia. He said that Canadian security agencies have been looking into credible claims that people from the Indian government might be involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijar.

We’ve shared our worries with India’s top leaders, including Prime Minister Modi, when we met during the recent G20 Summit meeting in New Delhi. Canada is a country that follows the rule of law, and the safety of our citizens and our sovereignty are very important. We have two main goals: first, to keep all Canadians safe, and second, to hold those responsible for this murder accountable.

If it turns out that a foreign government had a part in killing a Canadian on Canadian soil, that’s a big problem. It goes against our freedom and fairness principles. We’re also working with other countries and international friends to get to the bottom of this to find out the truth. We strongly ask the Indian government to follow international rules.

Canada Expels Top Indian Diplomat

pic of Canada's foreign affairs minister Melanie Joly discussing details on Hardeep Sing Niraj Murder

Canada’s foreign affairs minister Melanie Joly issued an official statement about the killing of Hardeep Singh Nija. She extends her condolence to Hardeep Singh Nijar’s family. She said there’s a serious claim that someone from another country might have killed a Canadian on Canadian land. This is a big problem because it goes against Canada’s independence.

Canada has three rules: find the truth, keep Canadians safe, and protect Canada’s freedom. Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau told India they need to help investigate. So, Canada kicked out a high-ranking Indian diplomat from the country.

India Responds by Expelling Canadian Diplomat

Recently, there’s been big trouble between Canada and India. After claims of the Canadian Prime Minister’s accusation and expulsion of his diplomate from Canada India got angry. India rejected the allegations and said they were not involved in Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder. India also expelled the Canadian diplomat and warned him to leave the country within 5 days. India thinks Canadian diplomats are messing with their business and causing trouble. India’s reply seems a tit-for-tat response.

Trudeau to Raise Issue with G7, UN

The Canadian government is not going to tolerate that kind of foreign interference like Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder. They are very clear and raise this issue with the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting. They are also going to raise this in the United Nations General Assembly and meetings with many counterparts from around the world. Now we are in an International Security crisis, and one of the fundamental rules behind the Global World’s stability and security is the protection of each country’s sovereignty, and a breach of sovereignty is completely unacceptable.

Nijar’s Son: Balraj Singh Nijar Seeking Justice

Nijar's Son-Balraj Singh Nijar talking to media about Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder

Justice Is The Best Revenge

Balraj Singh Nijar, who is the son of Hardeep Singh Nijar, felt better when he heard that the Canadian government was looking into his father’s death and its possible connection to the Indian government. He had been worried that nothing was being done.

Balraj asked the Canadian government to take strong action, like putting sanctions on India, and suggested getting support from other countries like the US and UK to increase the pressure. He and his supporters plan to peacefully protest outside Indian Consulate offices in Canada as they seek justice.

Last Memory of Hardeep Singh Nijar

Balraj remembered the shock of losing his father, especially because they had talked just a few minutes before the tragic event of Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder. He believes that his father’s support for an independent Sikh state in India called Khalistan led to efforts to silence him.

Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder Shakes Community Worldwide

Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder shocked the whole community and the world. The reaction after the killing of Hardeep Singh from all around the world was shocking. This is just a small indication of how big of a stature Hardeep Singh had in the entire community. This thing shook the community across the entire world, including in Punjab and everyone’s heart broken and wanting justice for Hardeep.


Our justice system has not always worked well in such situations as Hardeep Singh Nijar Murder, especially when international relations are involved. So, if we truly care about human rights, our justice system needs to find the people responsible.

If Canada is saying that India is involved, it’s a first step in acknowledging the issue and seeking justice. But until we see people arrested and held accountable, especially those who provided money for this crime, it’s hard to be confident that justice will be done.

This doubt comes from past situations where justice wasn’t achieved, India Canada, or any country in the Global World. Everyone looks at International relations first. Let’s hope for the best may Canada succeed and Hardeep Singh’s soul get justice.

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