Hickory Hills Campground

view of Hickory Hill Campground, Lake Le Aqua Na

The campground is nestled on approximately 60 acres along the scenic Rice Lake, offering 186 seasonal sites and 79 overnight sites. You’ll find the Hickory Hills Campground in the heart of the peaceful countryside. It’s a hidden treasure for those who love the outdoors and nature. This campground is perfect who are fed up with the noisy city life.

Hickory Hills Campground Location

Hickory Hills Campground is situated in the ideal place. It’s easy to reach, making it an excellent choice for a weekend break or a longer vacation. You’ll find it at Edgerton, WI. Hickory Hills campground is just 5.2 miles away from the nearest town, Edgerton, WI. Here is the map:

Amenities At Hickory Hills Campground

  • Campsite Options: Whether you like setting up tents, parking your RV, or staying in a cabin, Hickory Hills has the right spot for you. Their campsites are well-kept and come with electricity, water, and fire pits.
  • Restrooms and Showers: Clean restrooms and showers are available, ensuring a comfy stay.
  • Camp Store: Campers can now order hot pizzas, pretzels, slushies, and ice cream. The store also stocks camping essentials you might have forgotten to pack.
  • Donut Bar: On weekends, enjoy a delightful donut bar with various toppings for a sweet morning treat.
  • Picnic Spots: Hickory Hills has lovely picnic areas where you can enjoy meals with friends and family amidst nature’s beauty.
  • Picnic Spots: There is a lovely picnic area where you can enjoy meals with friends and family amidst nature’s beauty.
  • Recreation Hall: If the weather isn’t cooperating or you just want some indoor fun, the campground has a recreation hall with games and entertainment.
  • The Wibit: A water-based playground that promises endless fun for kids and adults alike.
  • Jumping Pillow: An enormous inflatable pillow where campers can bounce and play.
  • Super Shot: An exhilarating waterslide for thrill-seekers.
pic of Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort
pic of Camping Facilities at Hickory Hills Campground and Resort

Seasonal Sites

These sites are available from May 15th to October 15th. Campers sign contracts to use a piece of land at Hickory Hills for an entire season, essentially creating a second home away from home. It allows them to enjoy all the amenities during the week and weekends without worrying about maintenance.

Overnight Sites

These are shorter-term sites for campers looking for a more traditional camping experience.

Recreational Activities At Hickory Hills Campground

Hickory Hills


There are beautiful hiking trails winding through lush forests, perfect for birdwatching and spotting wildlife. One trail even leads to a fantastic viewpoint with sweeping views of the landscape.


Anglers will love the nearby lakes and rivers teeming with various fish. It’s a great place whether you’re a pro or a beginner.


pic of boating at Hickory Hills Campground

If you boating lover. The campground is close to Lake, where you can rent kayaks, canoes, or paddleboats for a relaxing day on the water.


pic of water play games Hickory Hills campground

On hot summer days, the campground’s swimming area is a hit with campers of all ages. Lifeguards keep watch during specific hours to ensure safety.

Wildlife Watching

Nature lovers will enjoy the abundant wildlife in the area. you can find Deer, Rabbits, Birds, and maybe even foxes or raccoons.

Group Fun

pic of top view of Hickory Hills campground

Hickory Hills Campground is great for group camping trips. They have spacious group sites with picnic tables and fire pits, perfect for gatherings, family reunions, and scout outings.

Natural Beauty Of Hickory Hills Campground

The real magic of Hickory Hills Campground lies in its natural surroundings. With thick forests, Rolling Hills, and a lake we can say this place is a paradise for peaceful nature lovers.

pic of Hickory Hills Campground Camping

Wildlife lovers

Wildlife lovers will be thrilled by the diverse ecosystem surrounding the campground. You can do birdwatching, track animals, and take stunning photos.

Events You Can Attend

You can attend the events like Halloween. Celebrate Halloween by planting magic pumpkins, night dance, and much more from September 29 to October 1 and October 6 to 8. You can enjoy the last weekend for 3 nights before the snow flies. For booking please click here

Final words About Hickory Hills Campground

Hickory Hills Campground is a peaceful getaway into nature’s heart. If you are a seasoned camper or just looking for a quiet place, this campground is the best place for you. It’s a beloved spot for outdoor enthusiasts and families. So prepare your camping gear for an adventure, and head to Hickory Hills Campground for a memorable experience. For more best places in the United States like the Great Smoky Mountains, Zion National Park, Disney World, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and in the global world please click here

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