Frozen Waterpark Blizzard Beach

Welcome to the exhilarating Blizzard Beach, where water slides, laughter, and cherished memories await. Inside Blizzard Beach, there’s actually a whole new themed area. As we step into this wonderland. We are greeted by the promise of heart-pounding excitement, breathtaking views, and a day filled with pure joy.

The park is closed for its yearly renovation. It is expected to open in September but has still not been announced by Walt Disney World. The promise of thrill rides and refreshing waters will fill you with anticipation. It is one of the best holiday destinations in the global village.


As we enter the park, the cheerful atmosphere is palpable. The cast members welcome us with smiles, and the air is alive with the sounds. Its enchanting atmosphere is a blend of excitement and whimsy. Blizzard Beach Park has a unique theme. There is a ski resort in the midst of a Florida water park. The contrast between snowmen and sunny enjoyment captures what makes Blizzard Beach Special.
melting snow men's at Blizzard Beach

Timing Of Blizzard Beach

Its opening time is 10 Am to 05 PM. There are no lighting arrangements, So always going to be until five. Another water park Typhoon Lagoon of Walt Disney World remains open until 6 PM due to lightning arrangments. On the weekend it’s gonna be packed with fun lovers
welcome board with timings of the Blizzard Beach water park

Price of Tickets

The price of the ticket for a one-day visit to the water park is $69 for adults and $63 for a child (ages 3 to 9) is charged. Tickets with Blockout Dates per adult is $64 and for a child $58 is charged. The term blackout date is used in tourism for specific dates where rewards, negotiated rates, and extended stay discounts. And other travel promotions are not available.
ticket house showing ticket rates of water park

Lockers of Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World cares about visitors in every way.  Blizzard Beach, there are restrooms, dressing rooms, and Lockers available for visitors’ ease. They provide a lockers facility at the water park where you can keep your precious belongings safe and enjoy the visit without any worry.

There are two sizes available in lockers. Small lockers rent is $10 per day and large lockers are charged $15 per day. They are keyless lockers and have four four-digit PIN accessed, that are picked by yourself.
lockers house at blizzard beach water park

Ski Slope

Let’s have a look at the first ski slope in Florida. It is located on Mount Gushmore. It’s a perfect place for a ski slope in Florida a water park. Its slides are 15.2 meters high and 70.1 meters long and its travelling speed is 40 kilometers per hour. The ski slope journey provides you, with very exciting and scenic views of the blizzard beach. And you become lost in the beautiful lush green and awesome views.
to view from mount Gushmore
views of water park from ski slope
View through Ski slope of water park

Summit Plummet And Slush Gusher

entrance to summit plummet and slush gusher

Our adventure begins as we ascend to the Summit Plummet. A slide is known for its breathtaking drop. The view from the top is magnificent, offering panoramic vistas of the park and beyond. This iconic slide, with its steep plunge and exhilarating speed, sets the tone for the day’s thrills. Thrill-seekers, don’t want to miss this slide. It’s so steep, you can’t see where you’re going—until reach a beautiful pool.

top view of the park from summit plummet slide

It is the vertical drop on the tallest, fastest, and freefall body slide. 360 feet long high-speed descent straight down and rocketing through a darkened tunnel into a massive pool by the slide stops your heartbeat.
You have a great experience and unforgettable memories after this slide at Blizzard Beach water park.

tunnel view of summit plummet slide

Slusher Gusher is a junior slide of the Summit plummet. It is a 90-foot tall slide and you go down fast as reaching speed on 35 miles per hour.

view of park from slush gusher

Rules For Slides

These are the rules for slide, which needs to be followed strictly:
  > Wait for your turn
  > Wait until the attendant dispatches you
  > Lie on your back
  > Cross your Arms on your chest
  > Cross your ankles 
  > After completing your slide immediately exit from the pool

Tike’s Peak

A world of fun awaits at Blizzard Beach, inspired by the Frozen movie! It’s perfect for kids. There are cool things like pools with Olaf and Snowgies, battles with water jets in Anna and Elsa’s igloo, tiny slides, and more. Kids can have a Frozen adventure of their own! And if you want to relax, Tike’s Peak has a sandy beach for sunbathing and making sandcastles.

characters at tikes peak Blizzard Beach water park
characters at tikes peak Blizzard Beach

Runoff Rapids/ Triple Threat

aerial view of runoff rapids slide and park

Get ready for excitement! Slide down 3 different inner-tube waterslides, powered by water from Mount Gushmore. Feel the thrill three times as you twist and turn 600 feet down the mountain. Each slide is special. The middle slide takes you on a dark, enclosed journey with small spots of light. On the outer slides, you’ll zip around the twists and turns of the middle slide. All 3 speedy slides end with a big splash!
tubes used for runoff rapid slides of Blizzard Beach
landing pool of runoff rapid slide at Blizzard Beach

Toboggan Racers

Ready to race down a thrilling waterslide! Imagine sledding down a snowy hill but on water. You’ll lie on a mat, start together, and slide down the mountain on a 250-foot-long ride. There are exciting dips and hills that will make your heart race as you go up and down. It’s like a toboggan adventure, and you’ll feel the excitement with every twist and turn. Let’s see whose mat wins the race!
track of the toboggan racer at Blizzard Beach

An Oasis of Calm: The Lazy River

Blizzard Beach is famous for its fast slides, but it also has calm parts. The Lazy River is a slow-moving water path with lots of plants. We float along it and enjoy the peaceful scenery. It’s a nice break from the excitement.

lazy river of Blizzard Beach

Embracing the Thrills

We want to have fun, so we go on the exciting water slides at Blizzard Beach. There’s Summit Plummet, which is super fast, and Slush Gusher, which twists and turns. Each slide makes us feel excited. Water splashes on us, the wind blows on us, and we hear people laughing.

A Frozen Adventure

We explore the new part of Blizzard Beach that’s all about Frozen. There’s magic and happiness everywhere. The snowmen and characters from the movie make it really fun. People of all ages like it. This shows how Blizzard Beach mixes excitement and magic together really well.

frozen adventure at blizzard beach
blizzard beach frozen characters

Capturing the Views

As we walk around the park, we see amazing views that show how beautiful Blizzard Beach is. We can see the tall slides and the big areas of water. Everywhere we look, there’s something beautiful to see. The bright colors, the shiny water, and the snowy mountain tops make everything look so cool.

Savoring the Moments

As we have a good time, we also like to make friends with others who are enjoying themselves. We laugh together while going down slides and talking about our adventures. The friendships we build during these moments make the day even more special. They remind us that Blizzard Beach is about more than just the rides – it’s also about the people we meet and the memories we create together.

Blizzard Beach Dining

During our day of fun, we also take time to enjoy delicious food. We try the famous mini Donuts, which smell amazing and are soft and gooey. As we eat them, we remember that even though the park is all about having fun, it’s also a place to enjoy tasty treats.
Mini Donuts Cart at Blizzard Beach

Typhoon Lagoon

There’s another Disney water park called Typhoon Lagoon that is still open. It offers its own exciting and fun experiences for people to enjoy.

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