Iconic Statue Of Liberty: France and The United States

picture of head of the Statue of Liberty at International Exposition in Paris

The iconic Statue of Liberty is a symbol of friendship between France and the United States friendship. The friendship between the United States and France is a historical and enduring bond that has deep roots dating back to the American Revolutionary War in the 18th century. France played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War.

The first country who officially recognize the United States as an independent nation was France. France and the United States have been allies in critical moments throughout history, including both World War I and World War II. The Iconic Statue of Liberty is the most iconic symbol of their friendship.

pic of Iconic Statue Of Liberty: France and The United States and New York City

France made a big statue and gave it as a gift to the United States in 1876. A sculptor named Frederic Bartholdi designed it, and an engineer named Gustave Eiffel created the steel frame inside the statue. This statue is known as the Statue of Liberty.

Location of Statue of Liberty

It stands on an island at the entrance to New York Harbor and has welcomed many immigrants to the U.S. since 1886. The Statue of Liberty is really, really big! It’s like a giant in the middle of New York Harbor.

pic of island of statue of liberty

State Of The Art Design

The statue is special because it’s a mix of art and engineering. It’s made of copper sheets over a steel frame, and it was considered a great achievement in the 19th century.

Height of The Statue of Liberty

If you stand her up, she’s even taller than a 20-story building, which is super high. Her full height, from the ground to the tip of her torch, is about 305 feet. That’s about as tall as a football field is long! Her head alone is about 10 feet tall, which is taller than most people. When you see the Statue of Liberty, you’ll definitely feel small because it’s one of the biggest statues in the world!

Iconic Statue Of Liberty

Friendship symbol of France and The United States

The Statue of Liberty is a big symbol of friendship between two countries: France and the United States. It’s like a gift from France to America, and it’s all about saying, “Hey, we’re friends, and we care about each other!

picture of ferry passing by the Statue of Liberty symbol of friendship of France and The United States

The idea came from a Frenchman named Édouard René de Laboulaye. He wanted the statue to show how France and the U.S. had a really good friendship. So, they built this huge iconic Statue of Liberty to celebrate that friendship. The iconic Statue Of Liberty is a symbol of friendship between France and The United States

pic of Flags of United States and France representing close friendship

This shows how France and the U.S. stand together for these important ideas. So, when you look at the Statue of Liberty, you can think about it as a big, friendly hello from France to America, saying, “We’re pals, and we believe in freedom and democracy!” It’s a cool way to show how countries can be good friends.

pic of best friend countries leaders President Macron's & President Biden

Symbols of Freedom

Book In Hand of Statue of Liberty

pic of Book in the hand of statue of Liberty

The statue holds a copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. It’s like a symbol of the important paper that talks about freedom and democracy. The book has the date “July 4, 1776” written on it. This date represents the day the United States declared its independence from Great Britain through the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It symbolizes freedom and independence.

Broken Chains at Feets of Statue of Liberty

The broken chains at the feet of the Statue of Liberty are a powerful symbol that holds deep historical and symbolic significance. These chains represent the idea of freedom from oppression, tyranny, and, specifically, the abolition of slavery.

pic of broken Chains in feet of Statue of Liberty

The Iconic Statue Of Liberty’s designer included the concept of broken chains in its design to symbolize the end of slavery and the struggle for liberty. The chains are intended to remind viewers of the long and difficult journey that millions of people endured as they sought freedom from enslavement.

It means that people should have the right to live freely and make their own choices. It’s also a symbol of hope for immigrants who came to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Torch in Hand of Statue of Liberty

The torch in the Iconic Statue Of Liberty’s hand is like a big, bright flashlight. It means a few important things:

picture of torch in the hand of Statue of Liberty friendship symbol US and France

Shows the Way: The torch helps show the way, like a guide in the dark. It’s like saying, “This way to a better life.”
Freedom and Knowledge: It’s a symbol of freedom and knowledge. It reminds us that we should have the freedom to make choices and learn new things.
Welcoming Immigrants: A long time ago, it also meant “welcome” to people coming to America from other countries. It said, “You can find a new home here.”
Called “Lady Liberty”: Some people even call the statue “Lady Liberty.” The torch is like her special light that leads to a good future.
Part of History: The torch has been with the statue since it was made in 1886. It’s seen many important times in history and is still important today.
Kept Shiny: People take good care of the torch. They clean it and fix it to make sure it stays bright and strong.

So, the torch in the statue’s hand is like a bright symbol of hope, freedom, and the chance for a better life. It’s a friendly light that says, “Come this way, and good things can happen.”

Threat to the Statue of Liberty

The National Park Service has managed the Iconic Statue Of Liberty well, making some restorations and updates to it over the years. The statue is now a part of Liberty Island. However, it faces threats like pollution, bad weather, Climate Change, and lots of visitors throughout the Global Village, so it needs ongoing care to preserve its importance for the future. So. we can say the Iconic Statue Of Liberty is the best example of friendship between France and The United States for the rest of the world.

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