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Cornered Tiger of Global Village

Imran Khan As cornered Tiger

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, A name of hope, courage, thinker, future imaginer, boldness, struggler, a true fighter, and much more. He was a great player in cricket. He was a superstar and the only Prime Minister who has also won a world cup. He was born in Lahore (the capital city of Punjab) Pakistan on 5th Oct 1952. He belonged to a wealthy family and had a proud able history. His great-great-grandfather Haibat Khan Niazi was a general in Sher Shah Suri’s army. He was a conqueror of Punjab, Kashmir, and Sindh.

Education and Cricket

He studied at the prestigious College Aitchison Lahore (a college for the elite class where Malaysia and Indonesia`s princes came to study), Royal Grammar School, Worcester, and Keble College, Oxford. He completed degrees in Economics, Political Science, and History. Imran Khan was the 1st Pakistani who did captaincy in 1974 of the Oxford University cricket team. He did captaincy of the Pakistan Cricket Team for 10 years and he was the top cricket all-rounder in the world. Pakistan won the 1992 Cricket World Cup under the captaincy of Imran Khan. He showed extraordinary leadership skills and his team was famous as “Cornered Tigers”. The credit was on Imran Khan`s account for bringing neutral umpires in cricket matches that enhanced the credibility of the cricket matches.

True Welfare Human

He feels the pain of the common people of Pakistan. Imran Khan observes during imprisonment and highlights the lack of justice in the prison system, wrongly accused, who completed their punishment are still in jail because nobody defend them and took up their cases. He keeps observing how people are living under the poverty line, the stunted growth of the kids, the collapse of the justice system, corruption of politicians & bureaucracy. The corrupt system destroys the morality of the Nation and lets down the country under debt. That was pretty difficult to see by any patriotic man, who has to live and die in that country. He raises his voice and pays the price for the deprived people of Pakistan. He was a great threat to the corrupt political elite. They sense it and try to destroy him, do personal attacks, and criticize him like a playboy womanizer, bookie, and cocaine addict. Imran never claims that he was a pious person and clearly says that back then he didn’t have “Iman” and a lot of faults. But, after studying Allama Iqbal his life took a big turn, and connected himself with culture and legacy. He wears the national dress, speaks in Urdu, and punctually offers prayers. His wife Jemima accepts Islam before marriage and adjusted herself in Pakistan. Even they blame his wife for smuggling and prosecute her. Imran Khan faces and fights all types of prosecutions, criticism, and controversies. Imran Khan is a dreamer and then struggles to come that true. He never ever let down the people of Pakistan and always tried to wake up them. He showed them a bright future for Pakistan and their children. He creates awareness of their human rights, their children’s & Pakistan`s future, and the path to freedom.

Cancer Hospital

After winning the 1992 cricket World Cup he devoted himself to building a cancer hospital in his late mother`s name for free treatments for poor cancer patients.19 Doctors out of 20, rejected the proposal and said it was impossible to Build a cancer hospital. 1 Doctor said if you got succeeded to build it you can`t provide free treatment of cancer to the poorer. But this man proves them wrong by building and running the hospital and providing more than 70% of patients free treatment. The whole world was astonished. How, he is providing free treatment to cancer patients, which is the most expensive treatment in the world. Imran Khan refreshes his energy and commitment and launched the world’s biggest charity campaign. He makes his mission a reality and opens the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital on 29 Dec 1994 with world-class facilities. The hospital treats 70 percent of its Cancer patients for free. He built another biggest cancer hospital facilities in Peshawar KPK and inaugurated a new facility in Karachi Sindh in 2018.

Namal University

He started another welfare project for the deprived people of his hometown Mianwali. He builds a top-class university and knowledge city, known as Namal University in a very beautiful place remote area with mountainous backdrops of the Mianwali. More than 90% of students from a humble background on scholarships get an education. 90 percent of the students at the university came from humble backgrounds and studied on scholarships. Imran Khan was a chancellor of Bradford University and the degrees awarded at Namal University are affiliated with Bradford University United Kingdom. Namal University is one of the top Universities in Pakistan that award foreign degrees.


Imran had no plans of joining politics but corruption, poverty, deprived peoples, and the corrupt elite system forced him to play a role in the betterment of ordinary Pakistani and Pakistan. That was a moment when a Hero of the nation became a political competitor to the corrupt elite. He put his all reputation at stake which he earns over the years because these Mafias were so strong as godfathers and the “Sicilian mafia”. They got complete control of the national departments, by making them corrupt. The country’s law only punishes the poorer and saves the elites indirectly, because they were legislators, and the core theme behind the legislation was their own interests. He started the movement for the rule of law, meritocracy, development of human capital, equality for all, and anti-corruption. Finally, he entered politics, ran a movement for justice, and formed the political party “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” on the 25th of April, 1996. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf contested in the 2002 general election and won a single seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan. That single seat was won by Imran khan from his hometown of Mianwali.

Longest Protest in History

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf boycotted the general election of 2008. In 2011 Imran Khan’s party re-entered the mainstream with a historic jalsa at Lahore’s historic Minar-e-Pakistan. In 2013 during the campaign, he met with a fatal accident when fell down from a crane but remains safe by the grace of God and the prayers of the people of Pakistan. PTI could not take the majority in the center due to a rigged election (35 Punctures). All the political parties called it a rigged election that election famous as RO`s election. Despite of clearly rigged election Imran Khan accepted the election and call for a probe in 4 constituencies for the setting of future Electoral reforms in the country. He led Pakistan`s history longest anti-rigging protest. The movement demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Which was the longest protest lasted for a record 126 days and received non-stop media coverage. The protest was not restricted to PTI party workers; it included substantial participation of students, women, kids, and the Pakistani masses. More than a million people have taken part in that Azadi March.

KPK Government

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf could not take the majority in the center but they form its Government in KPK Province. KPK province was war-torn and terror riddled. Experts were describing it as a politically deadly trap for the PTI government. But KPK Government under Imran Khan`s leadership changed the whole province and it was the best management in the history of Provinces as well as Pakistan. Imran Khan’s main focus was on human development. Some flagship projects of the PTI government in KPK were as billion tree tsunami project, polio eradication, tourism, clean energy projects micro hydel plants, de-politicization of the police, Education reforms, and more than 2 Lacs children return to school, medical reforms, Sehat Insaf card, and local body governance system.

Taliban Khan

He is a peaceful man of the global village. who always encourages the talks instead of a show of power. That’s why he was also called Taliban Khan because nobody was ready to stand against the superpower of the world but he always takes a stand on the right and raised his voice and led the argument for innocent people of the global village. He stands against external forces and led a campaign against US Drone attacks. He condemned the extrajudicial killings, with a high civilian death rate by drone attacks in the tribal belt of Pakistan. Imran Khan continued protests against drone attacks and violation of human rights campaigns. He was on the front foot and also was imprisoned for Pakistan’s biggest Lawyer`s movement for a free and fair Judiciary from 2007 to 2008.

Brings PM Under Law

Imran Khan’s anti-corruption campaign was further galvanized when Pakistan’s most popular politician’s name emerged in the famous ICIJ papers globally known as the “Panama Papers”. Imran Khan’s movement took the country’s most powerful to the courts of accountability.

Defeat To All Impossible

Imran Khan took up all the challenges that many considered impossible to defeat. Imran Khan’s struggle is to get back the lost respect and value of the Pakistani Nation in the world. His only mission is to bring pride to the Pakistani nation, eliminate poverty, raise the standard of living of the ordinary Pakistani, and rule of law & Justice. Imran Khan`s struggle is very remarkable. He stands still against controversies and mighty opponents and bears all the dirty tricks. he challenged the corrupt oppositions, corrupt rulers, status quo, exploitation, and oppression whether it was internal or external forces who try to hostile the public or country.
He changed himself completely from a playboy to a woman protector. He raised his voice against the vulgar and exposed dresses of the women “if a woman is wearing very few clothes it will have an impact on the men unless they’re robots”. Administrative achievements in KPK during the PTI government and the marathon of more than 60 historic jalsas in just 20 days by Imran Khan made PTI the biggest and most popular party in Pakistan In the 2018 general election. PTI remains victorious in the 2018 general Election Poles with 116 seats in the National Assembly. PTI forms its government in the center and Imran Khan becomes the 19th Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s 26-year-long struggle for justice and equality is an example

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