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The first term of food security was introduced in 1974 at the World Food Conference. At first, it was about making sure there was enough food for everyone in the world. Then, it became more about each country producing its own food. Now, it’s mostly about making sure people can get the food they need.


The first food summit “World Food Conference” was held in Rome, Italy in 1974. Then, in November 1996, leaders from around the world gathered in Rome for the World Food Summit, and after that, it continued in 2002, 2009, 2021, and recently it was held in July 2023 in Rome, Italy.

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Food Security Definition

The proper definition of food security can be defined as ” when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”

What is Food Security?

Food security is when all people can regularly get enough good food to stay healthy and strong. It’s about making sure everyone has enough food to eat. The important part is being able to get to the food. You can do this by buying it or by growing it yourself, or sometimes, both.
To buy food, you need money, which usually comes from a job or some way to earn a living. This money is what you use to buy the food you need. But for some people who can’t work, like when they’re sick or old, they need help to get food.
People get their food and money by growing crops, gathering food, fishing, or raising animals. Making food security better means helping these ways of getting food.

What is Food Insecurity?

Lots of people in the world are struggling to meet their basic needs. This makes them more likely to face food insecurity. Food insecurity means not having enough food for everyone in a family to stay healthy and strong. Sometimes it’s a short-term problem, and sometimes it becomes worse. This term is used to figure out how many people can’t afford food.

Why is Food Security Important?

Imagine feeling hungry all the time, not having enough food for your family, or not knowing where your next meal will come from. Food security is important because it aims to prevent these situations.

It’s about ensuring that people, no matter where they live, have access to the food they require to live a good life. For example, imagine Mr. ABC has a family of 4 members to feed. He doesn’t own any land, but he works for a local landowner when there’s work available. During the times when there’s no work and no money coming in. Then his family sometimes goes to bed without having enough food.

The Four Pillars of Food Security

Enough Food Available

This means there’s sufficient food produced within a country or brought in from other places to feed everyone.

Accessible Food

People should be able to get the food they need, whether it’s from a store, their own garden, or other sources.

Good-Quality Food

Food should be healthy and full of the nutrients our bodies need to grow and work properly.

Stable and Sustainable Food

Food should be available now and in the future without harming the environment.

Factors Affecting Food Security.


If people don’t have enough money, they might not be able to buy food, which can lead to food insecurity.


The weather is becoming more unpredictable due to climate change and Global warming. This can make it hard for farmers to grow enough food.
Read more about Climate Change and Global warming:

Conflicts and Disasters

In some places, there are conflicts, wars, and natural disasters. This can disrupt the supply of food and make it even harder for people to grow crops or get what they need. Russian and Ukraine’s war has made the situation even worse. We are witnessing a humanitarian disaster.

Russian Ukraine war impact on soil risk of food security

Waste of Food

Surprisingly, a lot of food goes to waste. Out of all the food we make, one-third is not consumed and is thrown away. This is not only bad for the environment but also for people who don’t have enough to eat. A lot of food gets thrown away, which is a waste of resources that could help food security.

How to Improve Food Security

There are many things we can do to make sure everyone has enough to eat:

Support Farmers

Farmers are the ones who grow our food. We can help them by providing training, tools, and fair prices for their products.

Reduce Food Waste

One-third of the food we produce is wasted. We can all be mindful not to waste food. This means buying only what we need and using leftovers wisely.

Fight Climate Change

By taking care of our planet, we can make sure it’s a good place for farming. This includes reducing pollution and protecting forests.

Provide Aid

When there’s a crisis, like a natural disaster or conflict, we can send food and supplies to those in need.


Teaching people about nutrition and how to grow food can help them take better care of themselves.

As the above example of MR.ABC, if he is able to buy a cow and can learn how to take care of it. Then he can get nutritious milk for his family and he can also sell some of it to make extra money. By doing this his family remains secure from food insecurity. His family can become more active, happier, and healthier.

Global Efforts to Improve Food Security

Groups like the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization work to make sure countries have enough food. They also teach about smart farming practices and how to protect the planet while growing food. The United Nations had set itself the goal to end hunger by 2030. In May 2022, the Global Alliance for Food Security together with the World Bank is launched. The main purpose of the alliance is to ensure that the support reaches those in the greatest need in the Global Village.

G-20 Summit 2023 And Food Security

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At the G-20 Summit 2023, held in India world’s leaders also discussed, and planned for World Food Security like:

  • Better Food for Everyone: We promise to make sure everyone has enough good food. We’ll work together with other countries to do this.
  • Stronger Crops: We’ll help make crops like millet, quinoa, and others stronger so they can survive changes in the weather. We talked about this in a big meeting with other countries’ top farm scientists.
  • Healthy Soil: We’ll make the soil better so plants can grow well. We’ll also make sure farmers have enough fertilizers and stuff to help their crops.
  • Less Wasted Food: We’ll find ways to stop wasting food from the farm to your table. This means more food for everyone.
  • Helping Other Countries: We’ll help countries that have a hard time getting enough food. We want them to have safe and healthy food too.
  • Fair Food Trade: We’ll trade food fairly and not stop others from selling their food. This makes sure everyone can get what they need.
  • Keeping an Eye on Food: We’ll use systems to watch over food and how it’s grown. This helps us know if food prices will go up and help farmers grow more food.


Food security is making sure that everyone has access to the right food they need. It’s not just about today but also about the future and making sure food is available without harming the planet. It’s important for health, stability, and a better life for everyone. Together, we can work to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry in our world.

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