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Seven Star Hotel of The Global Village

Global World‘s only Seven Star Hotel. Burj Al Arab Dubai was opened in 1999 and up until October 2020, it wasn’t open to the public, only guests could come and stay there. But they have an experience where someone can tour for about $100 to see the inside of one of the world’s most iconic hotels. It’s located on its own private island in Dubai. The island is manmade for 2 years to build the island artificially and then 3 years to build the luxurious hotel. The hotel costs over 1 billion dollars to build. You can arrive by a heavily guarded Bridge with only one way in or out. There is a helipad at the hotel where you can arrive via helicopter.


Once you enter, the first thing you’re given is rosewater and a hand towel to freshen up. When you enter the hotel you see two aquariums on either side of the lobby. Each aquarium is 250000 liters. Here you see the hotel`s Atrium which is the most enormous Atrium in the world. Here is a panoramic elevator that gives you a 360 view of the ocean and surroundings of the Burj Al Arab. All the rooms here are actually Suites. There aren’t any regular rooms every single room here is considered a suite. There are two Royal Suites on this floor. The entire floor is dedicated to just two Royal Suites.
Royal Suite to stay in this room would cost you 25000 US dollars a night. Here you feel like a superstar so anything you may want or need they provide it. There are impressive gold and marble stack. The Royal Suite is filled with antiques and artworks from all over the world. Here are 24-karat gold-plated ceilings, and walls. When you enter the living room you see 24 karat gold TV. Burj Al Arab was created in 1999 you can imagine the technology in rooms was cutting edge. It is something totally out of the world. A beautiful view of the beach and Dubai just beneath your feet.

A lot of high-profile visitors celebrities and personalities visit there and their stuff in the rooms. The Queen’s bedroom is also very impressive. There is a secret mirror which is placed just a whole paragon look. The Royal Queen’s bathroom is complete with a bubble bath where she can endorse herself having a bubble.
In the King’s room, the bed actually spins the king’s bedroom is a collection of luxuries from different parts of the continent of the world. In the king’s bathroom, the toilet opens automatically. Here is a gold-plated bidet and shut off the most insane shower the entire thing is 24-karat gold-plated. Beautiful carpets in the hotel are handmade in India

Observation Deck

There is an observation deck for some of the coolest activities that have happened here. There is a bag that is used by Tiger Woods hit a golf ball off of the observation deck. There are tennis rackets that were used by Roger Federer and Andre Agassi In 2005, a tennis match took place in Dubai on the Burj Al Arab‘s suspended helipad. They even have Formula One car donuts on the helipad and much more.

Ristorante L’Olivo at Al Mahara

Ristorante L'Olivo at Al MaharaThe other aquarium is located in their restaurant called Olive o at all Mahara. This is one of the most luxurious destinations to dine in the world. The foreign Star Restaurant will cost you a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars per person. This is one of the most luxurious places to eat in the world. They have the largest aquarium within the restaurant. Right in the center of it and it has 300 000 liters four and a half meters deep. They have 30 species of fish seabream, Snapper, triggerfish, butterfly fish, unicorn Tang, and many different kinds of fish. There is a private dining room if guests want to have like a party they may rent this out.

Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation project

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation project started in 2004 before there were no regional facilities to look after sea turtles. Every year they were sick and injured. Turtles have been onto the beaches here in the UAE. Since the project’s inception, they have rescued rehabilitated, and released over 2000 Turtles. There is a physical space where they do a lot of that work located within this hotel. It’s here in Burj Al Arab all the turtles are microchips. So that they know how successful the rehabilitation has been. They have one Turtle who once goes all the way to Thailand. That turtle covers 9000 kilometers in less than nine months.

Experience Suite

Architect's StudioThere is an experience suite, which gives you a lot of history of the Burj Al Arab. About the guests that stayed here, of how it was built, and why it was built. What went into it? and all is the exciting stuff. There is an architect’s studio also. Here you can see the first sketch that was made of the Burj Al Arab hotel which was originally called the Chicago Beach Hotel. The interior architect was a lady called Khuan Chew. All working things are there she did use for all her design work. Here you can see the materials that were being used in the room where they were being tested and researched. There are some sketches that tell that it was the “Chicago Beach Resort development” before it was called the Burj Al Arab.


There is a picture of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his son, the crown prince, Shiekh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the hotel, and writing on the wall is

“They say the sky is the limit for ambition. We say the sky is only the beginning.”

When you set limits for yourself or for anything you want to do in life, that’s the bar. Like, you never think beyond that. But if you just think anything is possible, what can be achieved when you think that way? It’s a beautiful quote to live by. This iconic building was the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and it was all based on “What can they have in this country…” And we’re talking about 1999, the ’90s. What can they have that’s iconic? When you think about the Sydney Opera House or any of these types of monuments. Those are just known within a city that when you go to that city, you have to see it. And that’s where the vision of this came up. And they are a country when they talk about the history and where they were and what they’ve become.
It’s all about vision, believing in that vision, and working hard every day to bring it to life. And this is a testament to that. So it’s a very strong reminder of the power of vision and belief in what you’re trying to do. That is what this tower, this hotel, and this landmark represent.


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