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About Us

Global Village is an informational blog. In today’s progressive World, information is shared in nanoseconds from one end to the other end of the World. Globalization, which opens new windows for opportunities, also reveals hidden threats to the Nations and to the World, such as temperature, depletion of the ozone layer, climate change, pandemic diseases, and business recessions.

We provide information about current issues, solutions, Technology, Business, & opportunities. The purpose of the blog is also to bring harmony between different Schools of thought, Cultures, Religions, and Nations for the betterment of the World instead of individual benefits.

We are trying such as a famous quote by Nino Varsimashvili. “Sometimes, little things make a big difference.”

We will keep posting more important global topics on the website Globalvillagez for all of you. Please keep us updated with your valuable thoughts.



             Thanks for visiting our site.